We set out on this journey to prove that we could offer sustainable, American-made products for all of your household needs with the same price and convenience as Amazon and the big box stores.


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A Better Choice Just Got Easier.

We spent two years exploring every corner of America to find the most amazing family + independently owned companies.

Indie Goods Market is an alternative to the big box stores and their corporate brands with everything from mops and dish soap to fashion and food.

Stock your home from 100’s of unique brands and 1,000’s of sustainable, American-made products at better prices than the imported corporate brands.


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming in October…

PRE-LAUNCH memberships!


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*Get a $15 gift card each month to create your own custom box at Indie Goods Market.


But doesn’t American-made mean higher prices?

The answer is simple: no.

For decades corporations have told us that manufacturing overseas means lower prices for us… well it isn’t true.

this is where our story begins

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Indie Goods Market founder (and resident nerd) enjoys spending free time studying and debating economics. After working for more than a decade in international banking he knows this stuff pretty well.

He eventually left the world of big finance behind to study the data around income disparity and wealth gap in America. This is what he found…

Corporations are under continuous pressure to deliver more profit every quarter. This can only be done through higher prices and lower wages. This means our cost of living always moves higher but our means to afford it always moves lower.

The difference between price and wage is what CEO’s gift to the boys in big finance. And it is why income disparity and wealth gap continue to get worse every year in America.

Armed with this information and the support from friends and family, our founder set out to prove that American-made could be offered with the same price and convenience as Amazon and the big box stores.

“Consumers will make a better choice if it’s an easy one. Let’s save them time and money and give them a better product.”

Our goal wasn’t to change the world…

we built indie goods market so that you can change the world.

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the tragic social cost of corporatism

So Many Ways To Shop!

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Raleigh Residents:

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  • Live outside the belt line? Shop online and get one-day delivery for only $5.

  • Need it sooner? Get FREE two-hour in-store pick up at our central Raleigh location.

  • Prefer to shop the old fashioned way? Head over to our local store in central Raleigh.

    Don’t live in Raleigh? We ship nationally!

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