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The Indie Goods Market Story

We set out on this journey to prove that we could offer sustainable, American-made products for all of your household needs at the same price and convenience as Amazon and the big box stores.

How do we beat the big retailers and corporate brands on price?  Well, corporations have to raise prices every year to satisfy the demands of the world's largest shareholders.  Shareholders also require CEOs to cut costs every year and that means reducing our wages.  The difference between price and wage is called profit.  As prices go higher and wages go lower the profit that gets paid out to America's wealthiest gets bigger. 

But as they push prices higher and wages lower our lives get harder.  When we buy the corporate brands at Target, Walmart, and Amazon we support a system that raises our prices and lowers our wages.  We need to stop supporting corporations that don't support us.  And now we've made the better choice, easy.  Lower Prices | Better Products | Same-Day Delivery.



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Everything you need for a healthy and sustainable, American-made home.

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Lower prices on all household essentials. Compare us to anyone!

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